Chapter 1

It was dark when she opened her eyes. Dark and cold. At first she couldn’t see anything but the empty black space surrounding her, but slowly, as a minute turned to two and then to three, her eyes got used to the darkness and the black turned grey and shadows took form. Shadows, looming over her, whispering, muttering. She had heard them before, but now she could see for herself.

There was nothing. No one.


No one except the person who had made her finally will her eyes open. The voice – soft and quiet, often barely above a whisper. And yet she heard it loud and clear, as if it spoke just to her.


A bit louder, but still only a whisper, as if the boy was afraid to draw any attention to the darkened room. It wouldn’t do to have the outsiders come in, no. She turned her head slowly, her body stiff from days not moving. It was just a boy, hardly much older than herself.

“No,” she wet her lips as she looked into a pair of eyes as blue as her own. “Anna. My name is Anna.”

And yet Melissa was all she had heard since she had been brought here. All she had heard since the attack. The attack… Her chest tightened painfully. A flash of light, a loud bang and then the pain in her head. She flinched and sat up, ignoring the protests of both the boy and her body.

“Where am I? What happened? … Who are you?”

But the only response she got was a hand placed tightly over her mouth.


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