[Additional Information] Pre-story – The attack

The attack wasn’t actually an attack at all. At least that wasn’t how she remembered it.

It had been dark when she had woken up, the book she’d been reading the night before was still on the bed beside her, but the lamp had been turned off. Her mum, she presumed. Checking in on her like she always did.

At first she couldn’t imagine what had startled her in her sleep and woken her, but the muttered curse from somewhere in the dark reminded her and she sat straight up. It had been a crash. The sound of one of the many plants in her window meeting with the wooden floorboards. 

Someone was in her room.

And then came the flash as bright as the sun at daylight, blinding her and paralysing her, making her fall back onto the bed unable to move or make even a single sound. Her head felt as if it was going to explode and darkness settled around her, blocking out every single ray of light.

“Damnit!” The voice was close, someone kneeling beside her.

“What happened?” Someone else was there, but further away.

“She woke up,” another curse and a shuffle, the first voice was shaky. “I panicked.”

The pain in her head made her dizzy, but still she strained to listen. She tried to move but couldn’t.

“What do we do?”

“We have to take her with us,” the second voice was calmer.

“But if anyone finds out… I hurt her!” The stranger cursed again.

“I know… But we can’t leave her here. She needs a healer.”

“I’m s…”

And then the darkness turned white and the words disappeared.


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