Chapter 1.2

She looked at Michael, her eyes narrowing into a beginning frown. “It’s not in London?”

“London?” He almost sounded surprised.

“Where I live. Where I was attacked.”

“No,” he clenched his jaw. “It’s nowhere near your home.”

For a moment it looked like he was going to continue, but then he shook his head and stood. “I should leave.”

“But…” He hadn’t explained. Hadn’t answered any of her questions. Why was she here? What had happened? Why had she been attacked?

She remembered bits and pieces, a flash and pain like her head was going to burst open. People talking and someone crouching next to her. A stranger.

She remembered waking up in this bed, but not having enough strength to move or even open her eyes. She remembered the whispers around her talking of healing and unrepairable damage, of revenge and apologies. She remembered Michael there.

“Wait! Please…”

The door burst open before she had the chance to finish and a young woman dressed in white entered the room, her eyes trained on Michael. “You are not supposed to be here! Go!”

“That’s not for you do decide,” the soft voice had turned into growl and he stepped towards the healer, towering over her.

“It’s been decided already. You know that, Michael. Go now.” The young healer’s gaze darted towards Anna and somewhere nearby was the sound of running feet.


“You must! You are not allowed here. No one is.”

“She has the right to know!”


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