Zero to Hero

As you might have noticed from the pretty little button to the right on my blog, I have decided to take part in the Zero to Hero challenge this month. I’m not completely new to the world of blogging, but Fictional Creation is my new blog and I feel some improvements and a push in the right direction might just be what I need to get started.

If you are unfamiliar with Zero to Hero, you might wish to take a look at their blog at

Basically Zero to Hero is a challenge for the blogger who are either new to blogging or who wishes to improve their blog, but are looking for tips and ideas on how to do so. It runs for 30 days and each day an assignment will be posted at the above mentioned site. You don’t need to complete every single assignment, but you can choose to pick just the ones you feel are right for you. After all, it’s your blog and you decide how you wish to develop it!

I’m hoping that with participating in Zero to Hero I’ll get some ideas and tools on how to get my blog started and how to keep it moving forward. I think the challenge of an assignment every day will be a good thing for me to keep me motivated.

I’m hoping to read lots of other interesting new blogs and see how other bloggers are progressing and developing their blogs too.

All in all, I think Zero to Hero could turn out to be both inspiring and fun!


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