Chapter 1.3

A right to know? Anna looked from the healer to Michael, trying to understand what he was saying. A right. She had a right to know, but what was it she needed to know? Her head was spinning and she rubbed the sore spot gently.

“I just want to know…”

“You need rest,” the young healer stepped towards the bed. She was looking increasingly uncomfortable and the mocking glare from Michael didn’t help.

“I want to know… Where are my parents?” Realisation hit her like a brick wall and her eyes widened. She had been here for a few days at least and she remembered having visitors. Just not her parents.

“We will talk when you have slept.”

“Why aren’t they here?” The panic sank into her voice and she sat up straighter. “Where are they? I want my parents here!”

“Melissa, you need to…”

“Anna! My name is Anna.” They kept calling her Melissa and they had done so when they had thought she was sleeping too. Melissa. Mel. Someone had called her Mel and talked about missing her and making sure everything would be alright.

But she hadn’t recognised the voice.

“I want my parents. Where are they?”


“No! Tell me!”

“They won’t tell you anything,” Michael shook his head. His voice was quiet again and the mocking glare was gone from his eyes.

“Why not? I need to know. I need to… I…” Anna trailed off as the sound of running feet got nearer and nearer, her eyes turning towards the door. Before the last word had left her lips, Michael bolted out of the door, nearly running over a young man. There was a shout and the guy took off after him, leaving Anna alone with the young nurse.

“Please tell me…”


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