The setting sun,
meets the ocean.
Dipping down,
greets the sea.

Red swirls,
Burning fire.
The last heat,
Ends the day.

Darkness sinking,
Coming closer.
Cooling sand,
The night is here.


Where My Heart Belongs

Swiss Alps

Running feet, down the hills,
Laughter and sunshine,
My heart fills.

Wind on my cheeks, rain in my hair,
Thunder and storms,
Birds in the air.

Melting snow, streams a-flowing,
Seasons change,
My heart is growing.

This is the Alps, this home of mine,
Here I breathe, here I love.
This is the Alps, my heart’s true home.


After a few days of not being very active in the Zero to Hero challenge, I decided to answer today’s assignment – Day 15: Learn more about how visuals influence content, with a blog post. I love when people are able to include just the right photos with their writing, and I will try and see if I can get better at doing that myself.

In other Zero to Hero news, I’ve also been playing around with Pinterest as a source for visual inspiration, but more of that in a different post!

The Chase

Cloaked figures hiding,
Pressing close,
Seeking shelter.

Wind over sunburned fields,
Hoofs galloping,
Echoing hills.

Danger is coming,
Evil is near.
There’s no time for stopping,
No greater fear.

Birds in the sky,
Black thunder,
Chasing, running wild.

Through forest,
Over mountain,
Through darkness and fear.

Danger is coming,
Evil is near.
There’s no time for stopping,
No greater fear.

Outnumbered and few,
On knees and on hands
We search in our souls,
United we stand.

This short poem was written with inspiration from one of my favourite books, a book which has been made into a movie not that many years ago. 

Onwards we go

The sound of thunder,
Rain splashing on the ground.
Lightning striking,
Faltering, falling.

Hands reaching for the sky,
Feet on wooden floors.
Branches and thorns,
Mountains to climb.

Rays of sunlight,
Looking through the clouds.
Wind rushing,
Fluttering, flying.

Heads bending in the wind,
Shoulders squared and strong.
Burns and scratches,
Rivers to cross.

Through wind and through rain,
Over mountain and field.
Always moving, never stopping.
Always trying,
Always reaching.
Onwards we go.


Wandering, forever walking.
Bright light, burning on my face.
People are running,
Their voices talking.
Crushing, slowly breaking.
I do not know.

Voices surrounding me, deafening.
Quiet, but oh so loud.
I hear them clearly,
I hear them beckoning,
Pushing and shattering.
I do not understand.

People everywhere, clinging.
Burning eyes on fire.
They look at me.
I am falling, failing.
They do not see.
Do not understand.

I am alone.
A flower, a rock, a tree standing tall.
Always walking onwards.
I will succeed.